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I am really serious about buying an F4, but after a lot of thinking it will have to be the 1+1. what year did they start making the 1+1. and what would a good price be. Are there any potential problems.


Neal Denver, Colorado

-- Neal (, February 12, 2003


There are many similar questions on this site resulting in many threads. I think the summary is that anyone serious about buying one should stop thinking about it so hard and take the plunge. I will let others in the US to talk about price, but all of us owners are qualified to tell you that you can't go wrong with an F4. The problems are well documented on this site also - an EvoII is best if you can get your hands on one. I have Suzukis (an RGV250 and a 2002 GSXR600) - both are great bikes and a lot of fun, but nothing compares to the Senna (#246). I have had absolutely no problem with the Senna other than every other motorcycling enthusiast on the road not riding a Harley wants to ride through a few corners with you. The reason I didn't get a 1+1 is because it is simply is not a pillion friendly bike - an MV is a selfish bike. If you can, get a mono and a tourer...a good combination for you and your pillion.

-- Brian 246 (, February 15, 2003.

I believe the 1+1 was released (at least in the U.S) as a 2002 model. The usual color for the 1+1 is all silver. However, I think some people have red/silver 1+1s.

As for prices, I think you can probably get a thousand or so off MSRP, especially on a left over 2002. You may want call around. I think Fay Myers is also a MV dealership, btw.

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, Arizona) (, February 15, 2003.

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