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Webmaster - I received this email from a Virginian fan I thought should be passed along to our readers

Our home page header for February is displaying a photo of the former SAL (and VGN) passenger station in Suffok, VA which I visited recently. As you are no doubt aware, it has been beautifully restored. I thought it would be good to publicize it as an example to those working on other such efforts underway in VA, which include the SAL station in Franklin, VA and the VGN station in Roanoke. (a copy is attached, which you are welcome to use). See the picture by clicking here.

In addition to my VGN interest, I am following developments regarding:

1. Richmond's former C&O-SAL Main Street Station

2. Restoration of portions the S-line in Virginia and related passenger rail projects (SEHSR) and Richmond-South Hampton Roads.

One question, do you know of any photos available of the Alberta VA combination SAL and VGN two level station ? I think this would be of great interest to our VGN group.

-- Mark Fisher (, February 12, 2003


A search of's 'biblograph' used book site shows 8 copies of Mr McBride's book for sale, ranging from $8.25 to $25.00 ea.

-- Greg Hodges (, July 21, 2003.

The photo of the SAL/VGN station referred to by John Golden is actually in a book entitled "Trains Rolling" by H. A. McBride. The photo, taken looking east on the VGN, is contained in a chapter on the VGN. This a wonderful book but very hard to find. Happily, all of McBride's negatives were donated to the Smithsonian Institution and photos from his collection are available for purchase. A copy of a book containing the negative collection of Harry A. McBride can be obtained by writing the Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of American History, Division of Transportation, Room 5010, Washington, D.C. 20560.

-- William E. Griffin, Jr. (, July 20, 2003.

It's probably long ago been razed, but the Jarratt interlocking plant (ACL/VGN crossing) followed Virginian design -- one story stucco with GRS components. Similar plants were Coleman, Tidewater, and Carolina in Norfolk.

-- Harry Bundy (, February 14, 2003.


There's a superb picture of the depot in one of Kip Farrington's books. I can't recall which one it is, but it's one of the smaller 5 x 7 size books--not one of the more popular railroad picture books. All Lines North of Raliegh has a photo of the depot from SAL trackside. I have an electronic scan of the depot plans and can send it to you if you'd like.

John Golden Travis AFB, CA

-- John Golden (, February 13, 2003.

Indeed, the book "All Lines North of Raleigh" features a color painting of the joint station at Alberta. The painting is by Casey Holtzinger.

There are also several photos of the station in the text.

Now if we can only get the book re-printed?

-- Michael W. Savchak (, February 13, 2003.

I believe that there is a photo of this station in Bill Griffin's book "All Lines North of Raleigh"-alas long out of print. I will check my library tonight and see if it is in the book. If so, I will notify you accordingly and we can make arrangements to get copies made.

-- Michael W. Savchak (, February 12, 2003.

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