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I posted a question a few weeks back and one reply I got was to approach the land Registry.After looking at their website, it gave me a number to ring.On providing the postcode of the repossessed property, and making a payment of 10, I was provided with a breakdown of 5 periods for average prices that properties in my area had been sold for. Hammond Suddards Egde(acting for BBBS) assured me my property was marketed and sold for best possible price of 18K, low and behold, Land Registry informed me that the 'same type of properties' average selling price was in actual fact 35K at the time my property was sold.When Hammonds had asked me to provide a retrospective valuation, I infact couldn't wait to say I had gone one better! Amazingly I have not heard from them in 2 weeks! Hope this helps people out!


-- Debbie Beal (, February 12, 2003


That's really interesting. What year was that sold in as we are dealing with Hammonds Suddards Edge too? Although currently all quiet for 4 months it'd be interesting to have a 'just in case'.

-- Chris (, February 12, 2003.

I apologise, I should have given the direct phone number for the Land Registry in case anyone wants the info 0151 4736008

-- Debbie Beal (, February 12, 2003.

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