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Hey guys, i just found an old article about a Ferrari-MV thing....

MV Agusta F4 gets a Ferrari makeover This Cagiva manufactured MV Agusta F4 has undergone something of a makeover, because in celebration of their Formula One World Championship victories, Ferrari's Managing Director Luciano Guerri ordered it so. A keen bike fan, Guerri asked the Italian manufacturers to give an F4 the whole Ferrari look, and by the look of these photos, they did an excellent job, so much so you can almost imagine it out on the grid, revving and waiting for the lights to go out.

It was the second year running that the marque of the Prancing Horse walked away with both the driver and constructors Championship, and while this specially designed bike is only a one-off machine, not destined for the showrooms, it certainly whets your appetite and makes you wish they actually made one. The MV F4 Ferrari F1 carries the powerful F4 750 SPR engine and has two open exhausts, carbon-fibre bodywork, as well as magnesium rims and swing arm: it definitely shows the F1 car a thing or two about style.

The engineer responsible for this transformation of the MV, was Massimo Tamburini, who has managed to expertly blend the charisma and panache of the two Italian manufacturers, which have become so symbolic of the motor-racing tradition within the country.


you can search it at and type "mv agusta" in the news search box.

question: whose promotion is this? is it Ferrari's or MV's?

-- dza (, February 11, 2003


It's not an ad at all just a ferrari enthusiast who loves the F4. Other facts: -Eddie Irvine, while driving for ferrari, received a first production ORO. -The F4-750 engine does not have any ferrari influence in it.

-- mod (, February 12, 2003.

If I wasnt mistaken, it is like the King of Spain whose got the 001/300 serie ORO F4.. im not sure. thanks anyway

-- dza (, February 12, 2003.

001/200 is the first numbered as they did noty know then to build 300 and still is in italy

-- hb (, February 14, 2003.

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