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Does anyone know where one could find photos of the large steel viaduct crossing the Cumberland River at Burnside, Ky on the Rat Hole Line (Southern RY's subsidiary Cincinnati, New Orleans and Texas Pacific). Thanks.


-- Phil de Carlo (, February 10, 2003


Ammending my question above. Apparently the steel trestle I am looking for was replaced with a newer "two" track viaduct. I am looking for photos of the older "single" track viaduct crossing the Cumberland River from the rathole line. Thanks. Phil.

-- Phil de Carlo (, February 13, 2003.

Are you looking for steam or diesel? I have a few of both.

-- William Carter (, March 28, 2003.

Hello, The steam era would more likely show me the viaduct when it was a "single" track type bridge, although perhaps there are some shots with diesels as well from that era. My understanding is the bridge was eventually replaced with a two track right of way. I am interested in the former single track type. Thanks very much. Phil

-- Phil de Carlo (, March 29, 2003.

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