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have you seen the mvagusta-sp website? i have seen a red and blue brutale in the picture. i asked my dealer if he saw that too. he said it is a brutale oro called "America". i dont understandis it included with the 300 brutale oros this year? does anyone know about it?

-- dza (, February 10, 2003


i can't seem to find the image you mention. could you copy and paste a link for the benefit of us all? i'd really like to see the 'america' bike.

-- Frank Tavani (, February 10, 2003.

Cycle World-February edition has a pic on page 30. The photo credit is given to Cafe Racer Magazine. The caption reads`...Brutale series Oro"America" which pays homage to the 750 Sport, the red,white and blue super-standard built by MV circa 1973`. The main theme of the article is on MV`s financial woes.



-- John (, February 10, 2003. there's no direct link. if you got a macromedia shockwave, once you enter the site, click on "the store" icon, and there you will see a red/blue american flag brutale. does anyone know if it will really be marketed? and will it be included in the 300 brutale oros?

-- dza (, February 10, 2003.

I checked it out on the MV Special Parts website. I didn't particularly like the color scheme. The frame was red, and the tank was blue/white. To me, it didn't look nearly as good as the old 70s 750 America. I like the regular red or black Brutale better.

-- Tom Lyons (, February 11, 2003.

unless i've gone totally made, there is no picture of an MV Brutale America anywhere in "the store" or anywhere else on the site found by this link:

this is enormously frustrating...

-- Frank Tavani (, February 18, 2003.

The picture is on the new MV Italian Website I think this new one looks better. I like the black frame and the silver ago wheels! Nice!


-- John Sbarro (, October 03, 2003.

Hi i've got all the pictures of the brutale the America also the special edition of this year so you can mail me if you wan't some pics.

-- Fabio (, February 22, 2004. ca_RHS_1024.jpg 

-- Bill (, February 22, 2004.

wrong! it has nothing to do with the oro and costs only 18,700 euros. i just came back from italy (san marino) and got the brochure for it at Motocorse store ( it is beautiful. they also have another version called (3 letters) i don't remember them now. for more info email to:

-- armando barzaghi (, February 23, 2004.

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