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The Old Dominion Chapter, NRHS, has in its collection, SCL caboose 21019....built 10/69. The unit is in excellent condition, although not on origional trucks. Can anyone provide any info on this cab...where built, geographical operating area, any photos ? Caboose is part of the Chapter's Richmond Ry Museum complex at Hull St (SR) Station, right across the James River from the Triple Crossing. Thanks.

-- Greg Hodges (, February 09, 2003


Greg, this was built as SCL 01019, one of the last M-5s built (the series ended at 01036). In the SBD/CSX renumbering, the first 0 was changed to a 2. It was rebuilt from a former 40' boxcar at the ex-SAL West Jax shops. The original paint was the orange with black lettering scheme inherited from ACL. They appear to have been used systemwide. Contact me off list for more info, including photos.

-- Larry Goolsby (, February 09, 2003.

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