Ten Wheelers

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Has anyone got close nuff to the 2 new Bachman 4-6-0s to tell whether one or the other matches any ACL 4-6-0 class?

-- Wayne R. Long (acl-wayne@web-right-now.com), February 08, 2003



I saw one in a hobbyshop in Sacramento today. In general, the model looked great, but my general impression is that the boiler is too low and too small to represent an ACL engine accurately (I haven't measured one to confirm). The closest they come to any ACL engine appears to be the K-12 class, but the K-12s had straight boilers and the models have pronounced tapered boilers. The tenders are all wrong- -they're the same ones as used on Bachman's 2-10-0s. The company advertises a "high" and a "low" version and I don't know which version I saw today.

It's too bad, really. When I think of Coast Line ten-wheelers, I think of K-5 copperheads and K-15s.

Hoep this helps! John Golden Travis AFB, CA

-- John Golden (Golden1014@yahoo.com), February 08, 2003.

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