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The information I have is that the "A" line was built south from Fayetteville in the early 1890s. This line ran parallel to the Cape Fear and Yadkin Valley between Parkton and Fayetteville.

CF&YV went into receivership 1n 1894, and came out under the ownership of ACL.

The information I have suggests that the McNatts Station-Parkton connector was built shortly after that time, and that the CF&YV line north of McNatts was abandoned. HOWEVER... the 1933 Official Guide shows the Fayetteville-Bennettsville route as going through Hope Mills and Lumber Bridge, with no stop at Parkton indicated. That would seem to indicate that the line was still intact in the 30s.

Can someone tell me for sure when that CF&YV line was abandoned.

-- Pete Wenk (, February 08, 2003

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