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My father in law is looking for a diesel roster of the ACL for modeling purposes. Can anyone point me to one on the web, or send me a file with their locomotives? Thanks!

-- Tim Huemmer (, February 08, 2003


It is out of print, but I have that book too. I even bought it at the same place. It has a lot of information.

PS: I don't really have an e-mail address so don't be suprised if you submit something and your e-mail gets bounced back.

-- trainmaster611 (, December 25, 2004.

Our catalog(on this site)offers several roster and other information publications.Take a look.

-- Joseph Oates (, February 08, 2003.

Hey Tim. I don't know of any place on the web that lists the whole roster of ACL locos but the best thing is this book- ACL: The Diesel Years. It's a GREAT book. I list every or almost every loco the ACL had, even one switcher they tested. It also shows the railroads the made up the ACL like the Charleston & Western Carolina and their paint schemes. I shows all the locos of a type(Ex: FP7)and any number changes, the date it was made, retired and/or scraped and if it was in any wrecks. I think it is out of print, not sure on that. A shop in Savannah, GA has some. The shop is Bull Street Station. They are in the back of Model Railroader and they will ship.

Hope this helps! Jason

-- Jason Castine (, February 08, 2003.

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