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I'm in the process of preparing a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman and while pulling all the information together I came across the names of the Abbey National Advisors who sold me the mortgage and the MIG they said would protct ME!!

Anyway I managed to contact one of the Advisors (via the Friends Re United Search engine) and I e mailed her asking for her help. But as I suspected she has no conscience and said she couldn't help me. But I hope I spoiled her cosy Friday night in if nothing else!

I've also discovered that she is no longer with the Abbey and now has her own Financial Services company.

I am also considering asking the courts to grant an order for disclosure of information before the Abbey takes me to court.

What I want to know is can I name these two advisors on my complaint, giving the current address I have for one of them and also can I cite them both should the matter end up in court??

What do you think??

-- hanging in there! (, February 07, 2003

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