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My Grand Daddy. John L. Strong, worked for the S & A for 38 years. he was the treasurer, until he retired in 1951. Be became the Mayor of Savannah Beach. I am looking for any resources on this bridge line. I recently received a lot of items from an aunt including stock holders reports and picturues fom way back. However, I am looking for information which might make it possible to model this line in HO, Including: Opperations, time tables and equiptment. for the 1940's. I live Denver Colorado so it's difficult to access much information.


-- Ralph Foote (, February 06, 2003


Hey there, I'm not sure how much info they will have but I go to the Georgia Historical Society every now and then to do some research. The have lots of pictures, newspaper articles and all the books, I think, on the CofG. Next time I go, I'll try to remember to look and see if they have any useful pictures of the S&A and things of that nature and if they do, I'll my copies of them. I'll have to send them via snail mail but it's better than nothing! Later, Jason

-- Jason Castine (, February 08, 2003.


There are very few resources available on the Savannah & Atlanta. Although it's now out of print, the Richard Prince book entitled "Central of Georgia Railway and Connecting Lines" includes some of the information for which you are searching. The "Central of Georgia Railway" book in the Images of America series (available from our online store) also has some S&A photos.

The Central of Georgia Railway Historical Society has a number of original S&A photographs (mostly steam locomotives) as well as a few correspondence files, maps, drawings, and annual reports. We also have a collection of S&A employee "magazines" from the 1950-1960 era and several different employee timetables.

I don't know of any S&A decals, but several S&A sets are on our list for future production. Kadee produced their HO scale 40' PS-1 box car in S&A lettering, and Branchline has several 50' box cars (but these may be too "late" for your 1940s era).

Don Cogdell, who was General Manager with the S&A from the mid-1950s through the merger with the Southern, still lives in Savannah and has always been a great source of S&A information. If you'll contact me by private e-mail, I'll be happy to put you in touch with him.

I hope this helps.

Allen Tuten

-- Allen Tuten (, February 07, 2003.

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