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I am a technician at WORLD electronics. I regularly have customers calling me for technical support on US Ascension 2000 hydros. I can't find a solution for a fault "F" on this elevator. (see below for example) If anyone has any info. I could use any information you might have on the causes and solutions for this fault. Thanks.

Fault: F Mode: Test Request Phase: Lost Level: 1 (usually not correct)

-- Andy Englehart (, February 06, 2003


Although I would like to see them ALL pulled out, sometimes that is not possible.

In Andy's situation, he is looking to help the industry cope with this trash.

Positive replies are usually apreciated when I'm looking. I'm sure Andy would like the same. (wish I could help).

2 Cents spent,


-- norm (, February 10, 2003.

They HAVE to be reset via an ascenion toole in order to reset the accumulated faults. It will allow "x" amount of faults per month...but on the third month on average, it will lock up. I have asked many experienced elevator techs and they have all told me the same thing, that is to say that it has a fail safe. It was made that way in order for the tech to perform scheduled pm. Everyone always tells me that as long as you reset all your faults once a month it will keep it from locking up. Maybe that helps some.

-- Carlos (, May 07, 2003.

why the hell should we have to reset error codes..its just a bloody excuse by thyssen to screw more money out of customers...there should be State laws to stop this sort of blatent ripoff

-- dayle (, May 09, 2003.

Gentlemen, Please keep in mind that this "IS NOT" a ThyssenKrupp Product. This unit was manufactured by U.S. Elevator Corporation. Thyssen acquired the company which means it also acquired the equipment. Please don't blame the current owner for the sins of the past. As to your reset problem. Yes there is a fix for 2-3 stop units without special operational needs. These software repairs can only be used in specific applications and have been performed by TKE technical support services. When we receive on of these on service we can request the change be made. If approval is given from the powers above we are allowed to make these changes. I have heard many negative comments regarding this product, but the truth is we have not experienced many problems from these units with exception for the reset faults.

-- James Holder (, May 11, 2003.

Im sorry but your wrong wrong IS A THYSSEN problem...doesnt matter if they didnt design it..they bought it they gotta fix it...passing the buck is a really good Thyssen passtime..oh and by the way do you work for thyssen???

-- dayle (, May 14, 2003.

Dayle, Please read the paragraph again carefully. The statement was that this is "Not a Tyssen Product" by which I did mean designed product. As you will notice I did also state that when we receive these units under contract we can make changes within certain design applications to remove the reset feature. This is very limited in scope. Now, as to your claim that Thyssen is responsible for a change from the original design, that point can be argued convincingly either way dependant upon your favor. I myself make no argument that Thyssen does or does not hold the responsibility to change this operational feature.

-- James Holder (, May 14, 2003.

Go into display 1 d1 enter and look in groups 8 9 10 11 this is where your fault will be registered. The f is just telling you there is a fault. if you do not have a manual see which bit is on and get me the information

-- Lee (, February 18, 2004.

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