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Allright i just moved here from arizona the rave sean was great i loved it. I just moved to Amarillo Texas and i hate there is not ever very much of a rave sean. If anyone has been here and noes anything about Amarillo plz contact me. I am also spin progressive trance if anyone has any addvise on how statr out how to find raves to dj at or anything i would love to hear it!! if any really cool ravers or dj's want to talk on msn mine is dj_joshy321@hotmail.com I hope everyone has a great life!! PEACE OUT!!! P.L.U.R ALL THE WAY

-- Anonymous, February 05, 2003


Hey man whats up? You dont know me, but im from amarillo too. I read your post from sometime in febuary about raves here. There is sposed to be one this friday night (july 8th, 2003) at the place where south beach is. Im not sure if it is at south beach, but it is in that general area. Just thought I would spread on the info. peace. Mikh3L

-- Anonymous, July 08, 2003

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