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I want to remove my rear wheel and cannot figure out if the the 55MM nut unscrews counter clockwise or clockwise. I seem to remember an old MG that had knock-offs that unscrewed clockwise. Also the retaining clip, should I replace it with a new one if I take it out? So if anyone can give a clue and also a torque setting in replacing the wheel axel nut this all would be very appreciated. Thanks Ray

-- ray lorente (, February 05, 2003


look at the wheel next to the nut,theres an arrow that shows you the direction and force(torque)required to tighten the wheel nut up,turn it the other way....................

-- mike tilston (, February 06, 2003.

i've done it often,it's quite hard,you have to turn on the right(the same direction of the good turn of the wheel)but you have to use something which can develop more than 220 or 224 nm,it's often more than 500 nm to do it!!good luck

-- dauly alex (, February 07, 2003.

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