looking for carnatic music teachers in Bridgewater, NJ

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I am looking for a carnatic music teache in Bridgewater , NJ area for my 8 and 5 year old kids.

-- Padma Grandhi (padma_grandhi@merck.com), February 05, 2003


Please visit www.sitausa.com. It has a wide variety of classes.

-- (info@sitausa.com), May 14, 2003.


I am teaching carnatic vocal music at Princeton, NJ. My students range from 4 year olds to adults. Before this, I was teaching at Sydney Australia.

If your children are still in need of a teacher, and you wish to give it a try, please e-mail me at above address. I have a class on Sunday at 5 p.m. I recommend prospective students to sit in a class to see how things work out.



-- Radha Kalyan (MLC_Princeton@lycos.com), June 06, 2003.

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