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what do you have to do to become a photojournalist ?

-- KayLean Walden (, February 05, 2003


To have the skills to resume a whole story, if possible, in one shot looking for the right angle and the right moment.

Excuse my english!, I'm from Uruguay and my natural language is spanish.

-- Rodrigo Guillenea (, February 26, 2003.

(1) Look for things that interest you and which you think will interest other people.

(2) Take photographs which show clearly what's happening and which will grab a reader's attention.

(3) Get *all* the *facts* down on paper and arranged in the correct order to hold a reader's attention and tell him the story.

(4) Get the complete story to an editor in plenty of time to meet his deadlines.

(5) Repeat the above as often as is necessary to prove to editors that you know what you're doing and that publishing your stories won't get them sued or lose them readers (if it actually gains them readers, that's a bonus).

Anyway, that's how I did it.

-- Harvey Platter (, March 06, 2003.

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