Old GAGGIA machine

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Can anyone help me Identify a very old GAGGIA machine. I will email you Jpegs if you can help.

-- Ben Jones (ben@caffe-mobile.co.uk), February 05, 2003


I have quite a few schematics of old Gaggia machines. I could compare jpegs against what I have, and maybe help you out. If nothing else, I'd like to see a pic. I love old Gaggia machines!

-- Chad (thechadzone@hotmail.com), March 18, 2003.

Hi, I have a few old gaggia machines. I restore them as a hobby. I know of most models and should be able to help. Please send some photo's. -Syl.

-- sylvester longo (sylvesters1@yahoo.com.au), March 24, 2003.

Please send us some picture, or bring the machine with you we are in north London.

-- maurizio (postmaster@londonespresso.com), April 21, 2003.

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