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Some 10 years on, since divorce etc, and reposession of a property I was to move into, I am now in a house of my own - all up to date - with equity. I am being chased for a shortfall on a property I bought as I was getting divorced, with a view to moving into. This was tenanted but tenant moved out, taking all fixtures and fittings. I was in contact with the Building Society regarding putting it all right and moving in, but they repossessed it. I lived with a friend at the time and the BS were writing to that address. They served the repo notice to the property and not to where they were writing to me. Two things..... how can I protect what I've got, and secondly should they have served the repo notice to the address they were writing to me at. Also, sorry!...when, actually, does the 12 years come into it the date they obtained possession? Any help, many thanks. Maria

-- maria trapp (, February 05, 2003



Firstly, I would recommend following the good advice on the Home Repo site and looking at previous postings, much info can be gleaned there. I would also recommend checking things out with a solicitor or professional adviser. In respect to your first question 'how can I protect what I've got?' I would look into putting it under the name of someone else, although this of course has its dangers. As for the repo notice being sent to the property and not to where they were writing to you, I can't see this helping you much, perhaps someone else knows better? The 12 year issue has been spoken of many times now in earlier postings. If you still have any queries after reading the info on site, come back and post them up.

Best wishes, Mark.

-- M Amos (, February 05, 2003.

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