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I just got a new job, and the first thing on my list is a new MV. I have been considering an F4-SPR. Does anyone know if they are sold out yet?

I thought I'd go for the SPR, instead of waiting for the F5, because the SPR has good power anyway, and the F5 may be delayed even until next year, with this recent financial thing that happened to MV.

Anyway, this is how I'm thinking of outfitting the bike. Black F4-SPR RG-3 exhaust and chip HPC Hypercoat on the entire exhaust to protect fairing and boost HP 39 tooth rear sprocket Marchesini 5-spoke Carbon Fiber wheels

I think that this would bring the crank HP up to over 150, and help to keep the bike cooler too, and protect the fairing. I also don't think that I'll need to use the 185mph top speed, so I'm opting for the accelleration in the normal driving speeds with the 39 tooth sprocket. I like the idea of the lower rotating mass of the carbon wheels, which will help accelleration and decelleration, and lower overall weight where it counts most. I wouldn't have thought about the carbon wheels, except that now Marchesini has them, and I want to keep the bike all Italian(except for the Nissin stuff that MV includes)

Any comments or suggestions?

Also I will be located in Las Vegas. What is the best dealer that could do a good job with this bike, that is closest to LV?

Thanks, Tom

-- tom lyons (twlyons@juno.com), February 05, 2003


I have been told that all the 2002 SPR's are sold. My dealer (MotoPrimo) in Minneapolis has a silver/blue Special Parts ready to go. Ask for John Martin. Also I have read in "Cycle News" magazine that the F5, which will now be called the F4 Mille, will make it's debute in September. Also there's a 2002 Senna on ebay right now that looks REALLY nice.

-- Eric (ericpcollins@hotmail.com), February 05, 2003.

Actually I was thinking of a 2003 SPR. But seeing as the F5(F4 Mille) will be introduced this fall, maybe I should wait for that. Does anyone think that the fall intro of the F5 will actually happen on schedule? Would it be better to go with the 2003 SPR with the added products I listed? Are there any suggestions for other mods that are known to be good for the SPR?

-- Tom Lyons (twlyons@juno.com), February 05, 2003.

I've been told that the first bikes out will be the SPR then the Brutale. The F4 Mille is ready on paper but most likely will not be built until next year.(if were lucky) As for 185 mph top speed? Well that just not going to happen, Not on radar anyway. You will get a lot more respect on a 170mph F4 than a 200mph ZX12 or Busa. If I had the money, I would try to wait for the Mille to see what it would look like, If I didn't like it I could then buy an 03 F4-S. But since the Mille is being built by Massimo Tamburini I would have to believe that it would be nothing less than the art work that he has previously designed. Good luck.

-- Kevin Warner (kwarner@11thhourbiz.com), February 05, 2003.

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