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Does anyone know a good place to order rollers which could be used on a home made boat ramp.

-- David L (, February 05, 2003


I've been designing what we call a "canoe and kayak launch" for my community association tidal water front property. It's to go up and down a steep rip rap bank of about eight feet. I am very interested in the roller idea, but what we have come up with is a "launch rail." The idea came from the launch rail used at Denison's Ferry at Mammoth Cave National Park. (I have JPG's of this but I don't know how to post them.) This launch rail is of wood, about 12 inches wide, mounted on pipe about 23" above the ground level. The boat slides up and down it. The superintendent told me thousands of people use it.

Are rollers better than a launch rail?

We cannot do a ramp and all boats must be cartop, because there is no room for trailer parking.

-- Dan Lockwood (, February 10, 2003.

Can't contribute too much but are like yourself in dealing with the same problem in Nanaimo BC. Want to construct an easy launch facility on a low bank beach, some medium vertical 10/15 vertical over the last horizontal 50 feet. WhaT SUGGESTIONS DO YOU HAVE SO FAR? THANKS BOB W.,

-- bob wilson (, May 16, 2003.

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