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I could write something every day but choose to write this Newsletter once per month and the odd article from time to time. It's definitely not for lack of material. On the contrary, I've reached a pinnacle, a plateau of sorts in my predictive abilities. I can put my attention on a subject, dig into some deep research and correctly postulate where that subject is going in the future.

For example, last week I filled a perscription of skin cream and while I was researching what was in the compound on the net, I had a clear vision of the following;

Some day you will be able to buy a jar of genetically correct 'for your body only' healing cream. After providing a sample of your hair or skin, there will be companies which create a compound not unlike face cream that is specifically DNA engineered ( grown from cultures ) that repairs your exterior body of scraps, cuts and rashes very quickly. In fact, your individually specific cream can repair quite deep wounds involving muscle and bone!! Alas, desolving sutures would still be required to hold it all together as the healing begins. A deep cut would disappear in one day!

Problem is, the procedure to grow your specific healing cream will be very expensive ( about $1000 per jar ) and only come in quantities of 1/2 gallon since that is the amount when the production process works optimum. Be aware of a situation where a poorer family will opt to order a jar from their children's DNA and use it for themselves, at approximately half strength. Watch for horror stories about people using other people's compounds with freaky results. Imagine the body rejecting the foreign compound where it's been smeared on bone and muscle The amazing thing is that we shall have this medical miracle within 20 years!!

Ok, enough fun. Let's take a look at happenings about to happen......

The USA with a few Allies ( and the moral support of most everyone else ) will easily defeat dam Saddam within a few days war. When I see Saddam on TV now, I see the walking dead and HE KNOWS IT!!

Contrary to popular(?) press, the Battle of Iraq is going to be very swift, very surgically precise and over in a few days. The battle will be unprecedented in it's military strategy. In the old days, to get at a leader, to make him surrender, die or change policy, one would have to send legions of combatants to duke it out in the fields.

A thousand soldiers die today. A few thousand tomorrow. Loses on both sides until such time as the 'buffer' zone is too close for comfort and heavens forbid, one of the leaders could actually die!!!

This Iraq battle will be different. Most of all the USA resources will be targetted at, with the sole purpose, and intent to kill Saddam, the 'Inner Circle', including his sons, without many civilian casualties!! Not even the standing army!! They'll be left standing!!! Incredible!

The US military with our Allies, will leap frog clear over the outer ring of soldier grunts and take out the rotten cancer at the core. Saddam's palaces will be bombed into dust. His heavy military hardwear will be quickly destroyed ( the only deaths there will be when soldiers are standing too close :).

Actually it's not true that this military strategy is unprecedented. An ancient civilization in what is now Utopia used the same tactic. When a leader of a threatening country would advance their troops to do battle, the Utopian leader would put all it's resources into killing the decision maker. They would put a reasonable bounty on the offending leaders head and promised hero status and a lifetime of leisure and pleasure to whomever did the deed. Peace reigned for almost two hundred years!! ( until some new 'bright' idiot dreamed up the old way of sending their young to die in fields to change an opposing idea held by an enemy leader.)

This is truly 'thinking outside of the box'. Did you ever hear of civil and military leaders of opposing sides drinking and congratulating each other on earlier campaigns when they sign the Peace treaties AFTER THOUSANDS OF THEIR CITIZENS HAVE BEEN SLAUGHTERED?? You see, they had a nice safe buffer zone from the hardships, blood and waste.

Anyway, the USA will win. Iran will fall next but by internal forces bringing on the change. Democracy will be embraced in Iraq and Iran although there will be some faltering starts. The Saudi royalty ( I refuse to use capital letters for royalty ) will fall. Islamic extremists will take control of Saudi Arabia. We won't care except to keep our close eye on them.

North Korea's royal leader won't fall for 2 more years. He will be assassinated by one of his closest comrades. North Koreans will be liberated. Almost unbelievable horror stories of cannabalism and human oppression will be known afterwards. The North and South will be united as one Korea. I can feel the emotion welling up in me now as I think of the joy millions upon millions of Koreans will be experiencing for the first time in their miserable lives.

The planet will become a little more spiritually lighter with each change. In Iraq, Iran, one Korea and others. Contrary to the enemies of Mankind, the USA isn't the big bad boogy man here. We will use reason and strong persuasion before threatening with a big stick. Change will mostly happen from within the oppressed countries. We shall help where the odds are daunting.

I'm actually glad we've heard from so many opposing voices. Bringing about a new dawn of sanity on this planet, while listening to the fear mongerers and nay sayers cry crocodile tears has been quite revealing about who they are. They act like they have no idea why we don't 'Give Peace A Chance' and extend out our hand to the raving madmen who kill and enslave others for their own personal sick pleasure. Or perhaps they do...... so desire us to compromise ever so much more, to 'tolerate' such lunacy for cultural and religious 'diversity'.

Leftist aren't more compassionate, or loving, or morally superior to us common sense folks. In fact they have put their thinking on auto-pilot ( everyone thinking alike on every issue ) and would walk us into the government chains of wage slavery if they could ( as if they haven't already ). We, the people, will be taking back the control of our public purses from socialists ever so slowly.

Anyone opposing taking out a homicidal killer who has hundreds of thousands of murderers at their bidding, who would love to see us all dying, suffering and dead, should be ignored.

-- Gary Allan Halonen (, February 02, 2003

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