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I have just received a claim form (with particulars) from the Birmingham County Court in regards to a Halifax shortfall claim. I had dealt with Addlesahaw Booth for some time(with a great deal of help from this site) but now Wragg & Co seem to have taken things a stage further. My question now is what should be my next course of action? They are claiming a shortfal of 17,000 together with interest making 27,000 total. The MIG payout from Sun Alliance is exactly the same as the original claim. I look forward to any advice you may be able to offer.

Regards James

-- James Sullivan (jsullivan@clara.co.uk), February 02, 2003


Have you served a sarn on them yet? Is there anything there that can help? It might be time to get a solicitor to look over your case and take some professional advice.

Hubby and I are still a long way from the court but as we havent any property we intend going bankrupt before we will pay them a penny.

Perhaps if you have nothing to lose, dont mind a gamble and wont be too badly affected by bankruptcy, when it goes to court have a cheque made out for the bankruptcy fee (370 or 740 joint) and before the case is heard, offer it as a full & final to their solicitor otherwise tell them you intend petitioning for bankruptcy if they win. The solictor/barrister has a legal duty to inform the bank about the offer and they know that the chances of them recouping more than the cost of legal proceedings that day (and possible appeal) are very slim after bankruptcy so they may accept there and then. Good luck

-- Sue (bradfordandbingley_suck@yahoo.co.uk), February 03, 2003.

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