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Boy, the mirrors on this thing are really bad!!! I though my 748 had bad mirrors, but my goodness! Also, it appears the glass isn't movable like the ones on my old duck. I have not yet received a manual for my MV, so I don't know if there is a way to adjust them or not. Can anyone tell me? Also, any tips for improving rearward view is appreciated, like successful experments with small convex stick on mirrors that worked well without looking to gaudy, etc.

-- Frank Tavani (ftav4444@yahoo.com), February 02, 2003


First, got to http://www.mvagustausa.com/partsmanuals.html and download a copy of your manual. As for mirror mods, I rode a bike with the little convex stick-on mirrors in place and I thought it was worse than OEM. I'll agree, the mirrors on the F4S are poor at best. However, I've become used to them and a quick lift of the arm and a peak under seems to be all I need. Good luck.

-- dm (i8foie@msn.com), February 02, 2003.

Sorry, didn't proof that before I hit send.... Having a copy of the .pdf manual is handy and highly recommended. I meant to say "I rode AN F4S with the little convex stick-on mirrors in place and I thought it was worse than OEM."

-- dm (i8foie@msn.com), February 02, 2003.

Greetings Frank. I found the best adjustment is to place the mirrors so you can look between your elbow and hip. Itís an awkward technique but if I raise my arm slightly when looking into the mirror it gives me a pretty good view of whatís behind.

-- Tim W (provamo35@hotmail.com), February 02, 2003.

I dont think there is a problem with my mirrors. Its a tamburini fashion technique. it means tambo's bikes are really narrow. JUst like other ducatis too. I remember when i first rode a vintage MV, all i see in the mirrors are nothing but my shoulders. And then when I finally tried the F4 for the first time. I smiled a bit because all i see in the mirrors are my shoulders. I think the F4 is the most aerodynamic bike in the world.

-- dza (dzaprojects@yahoo.co.uk), February 03, 2003.

It is my personal opinion that Tamburini must have developed an elbow fetish after the 916 design. Never realized how beautiful my elbows are...:)


-- D. Allen Nguyen (archille@hotmail.com), February 05, 2003.

The mirrors are crap. I've broken the glass twice now by pushing them too hard trying to get them to adjust to something half decent. And they don't sell the glass separately, its £180 for the complete unit!! so what I've now done is get some stick on replacement car wing mirror glass from my local car accessory shop, the type with two view angles to cover the blind spot, had it cut to size by a glazier and stuck it on over the old glass. Works brilliantly.

-- nigel pasea (nigel@newtonmoreadvisors.com), February 11, 2003.

I stuck on two round rotating convexes about 2" in diameter (get them in any car accessory shop)in the part obscured by the arms (centre of mirror), that improved things alot, you can see for miles and miles on the motorways. Still use the open/lift arm tecnique for close-up work.

-- pril (pril@voicenet.uk.net), February 20, 2003.

mirrors are crap as already stated, but they're even crapper when my missus gets on board at the back - my elbows look better than her thighs!

-- jim daykin (rdraper3369@aol.com), April 20, 2003.

Iíve become accustomed to looking at my elbows too. One solution might be to install a rear mounted camera with a small LCD display by the tacho. But I've settled with the cheaper solution of just moving my arms out whenever I need to look behindÖ..

-- Prof. Poe (prof_poe@jaime.com), April 20, 2003.

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