WANTED; spares for racing- plastic, wheels, clip-on controls...

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Will pay good cash for stock parts or crashed bike.Please be able to provide some proof of origin,[I dont want to buy stolen parts]

-- c.town (ctownglass@netzero.net), February 02, 2003


For Sale I have a stock fender, stock pipes(from header), stock upper and lower chain guard, stock right and left air box panels, stock ignition cover, stock left and right wire harness covers, and stock left and right air ducts. Let me know what you need. Brett

-- Brett (DocBDH@aol.com), February 03, 2003.

By the way C. Town...... these parts are all off my bike, so I can provide you with any information you need. Brett

-- Brett (DocBDH@aol.com), February 03, 2003.

Who much would you give for stock rims????

-- John A Watson (www.yellohonda@hotmail.com), February 05, 2003.

I have two gas tanks, two mono tails, one seat pad (no little pillion one), two swing arms with pivot botls and hub eccentrics, two sets of frame plates, one set of rear sets, a brake lever and a shift lever. Purchased from either MotoTrends or e-bay. Some was from a damaged bike - insurance replacement due to minor scratching. All of it's perfect for race spares or...? e-mail me off list for more details.

-- Chris Baker (chris.b.baker@kp.org), February 06, 2003.

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