What is a "tritone"?

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Can someone please tell me, what is a "tritone"? An ear-training program which I am using (I found it on the web) has as one of the identification options, a "tritone." I'm befuddled. Thanks to anybody!

-- Shirley Gibson (sacgibson@juno.com), February 01, 2003


It is either an augmented fourth or a diminished fifth.

-- Anita Greenways (anitagreenways@hotmail.com), February 02, 2003.

Tri = 3. Tritone is an interval of 3 whole steps; in other words, as Anita responded, an aug 4 or dim 5.

-- Jack Tyrrell (tyrrell@rcn.com), February 02, 2003.

Anita and Jack - thank you so much!

-- Shirley Gibson (sacgibson@juno.com), February 02, 2003.

Just a follow-up ~ Today I had my first lesson in about 6 weeks, and my teacher was demonstrating minor chords and mentioning "tritones," nodding at me as though I knew what she was talking about, and because of your help, I did - thanks again!

-- Shirley Gibson (sacgibson@juno.com), February 04, 2003.

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