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Are plans available for the Monument River Wherry, I believe a concept in progress, by John Aborn? In issues of Open Water Rowing awhile ago he wrote of an original version and I believe a later version. I'm between boats and it looked like it addressed many common concerns to most of us - open water capability, readily transported, load carrying, speed & aesthetics. If I remember correctly, he noted that they might consider putting it into production. Anyone know?

Thanks for any help!

-- Bruce Osborn (, February 01, 2003


Hi Bruce I know it is a while since you wrote this, but I have just finished building a MRW, an international project, begun in New Zealand and finished in Connecticut. To coordinate the bits I built in NZ and the bits my friend build in CT, I drew some detailed plans. The boat ended up very sharp, a little tippy initially but fast. A thoroughbred, better for experienced rowers, more solid with camping gear stowed aboard. Where are you with your project? Plans could be arranged from here.


-- John Hitchcock (, September 08, 2004.

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