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Can anyone out there recommend a fairly easy hymnbook (4 parts --SATB) which I can use as an adjunct for teaching voicing? I've tried using the Bach 371 Harmonized Chorales, but they seem to be a little difficult.

-- Jack Tyrrell (tyrrell@rcn.com), February 01, 2003


Jack-- I keep seeing your unanswered question about voicing. Almost any standard hymn book from a protestant church would work for this type of activity; I am not LDS (Mormon), but their hymnbook is a bit easier than some. You may even find some of these at a thrift store where you could pick up several, and try them at your leisure.

I am always interested in voicing, and teach it to all of my students, but usually just within their own repertoire. I can think of several selections in which this is truly vital; one is the Grieg "Notturno", op.54, #4. About halfway down the first page, there is a section where the r.h. is playing two parts---melody at the top(dominant voice and also must be LEGATO), and some filler intervals below the melody. Great practice for the student!

The melody really needs to be the dominant voice no matter which hand has that assignment, don't you agree? Sometimes it is also interesting to voice a counter-melody, especially if the music repeats and gives you a chance to perform it differently.

Good Luck!

-- Ruth Farkas (satb88@sbcglobal.net), February 01, 2004.

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