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I'm curious to know the story behind of "Fur Ellise". I have searched on the internet but just found "It was dedicated for a girl, Ellise". But who was she? Beethoven's girl friend? If you don't mind, please let me know. Thanks a lot.

-- Eunike (, February 01, 2003



I cannot find much more than you on "who was Elise?" I have always been led to believe that she was Beethoven's student, and that he also wrote pieces for other students.

However, here is an interesting poem about the famous piece:

"Für Elise" by Mary Jo Kurtz Could you spare a moment, Ludwig, To explain about this piece, And the girl for whom you write it, The one who's called Elise?

It has long been my opinion (Shared by those with whom I visit) That this well beloved jewel Is delightfully exquisite.

The main theme is so delightful; Stylistically romantic. Did Elise display the problems That drive music teachers frantic? In the intervening sections In between this haunting theme, Did she execute transitions Smoothly, clearly, without seam?

Did she play with style and balance, Tones melodious as a flute? Or did her right hand forge ahead; Alberti bass in hot pursuit?

Did she keep the tempo steady? Was her pedaling always light? Did those bass repeated eighth notes In the left outweigh the right?

It would make us all feel better If we only had a clue That in teaching Für Elise You had endured these problems, too! Ruth C.

-- Ruth Farkas (, June 21, 2003.

Hi. I just looked in one of my music books and it said Beethovan dedicated "Fur Elise' to his physician's daughter, Elise. How lucky we are that he was so inspired?!

-- Rose (, June 21, 2003.

Thanks a lot for your helpful answer

-- Eunike (, November 17, 2004.

I found something in Dutch and i translated it I hoop my English is not to bad. this is what I found:

Für Elise (germen for: for Elise) Is the more common name for the “Bagatelle in A miner”, WoO 59, a famous solo piece for piano by Ludwig von Beethoven, written in 1808.

it is not sure who “Elise” was. The most popular theory is that Beethoven originally named his work “Für Therese”, after Therese von Malfatti, the doter of a doctor from Vienna and at that moment the point of Beethoven’s attention. Whet the it got published after his death, it is possible that his fames bad handwriting was interpreted as “Für Elise”

The melody is well known. However simplified (shorter) versions are often plaid by beginners, the full version requires some skill.

Source: Translated from:

-- Crazy Pete (, December 08, 2004.

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