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I have reached a settlement with YBS and today have received my clearance letter that any liablility to them or any third party ie MIG insurers has ceased, they have marked my credit reference with satisfied. I would like to thank everyone on this site, those who have answered my questions and even those who have asked the questions that I have read through and learnt from. Special thank you to M.Amos and GS for the help they gave me privately. Between you all you have encouraged me to keep fighting to the bitter end and helped me when I felt like giving in. I wish everyone who is in the same position as I was the best of luck in fighting, I hope this posting will give you some encouragement to keep going at them; if I can do it with the help of these people then anyone can.

Thanks again and good luck.

Jessie x

-- Jessie (, January 31, 2003


Excellent news Jessie! Good luck for the future.


-- (, January 31, 2003.


Once again great news. The very best of British for the future. I'm going to celebrate your good news too tonight.

Best wishes, Mark.

-- M Amos (, January 31, 2003.

Congratulations Jessie. Fantastic news to start the week with. Well done.


-- One Angry Mother (, February 03, 2003.

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