There's a new MV Agusta website!!!!!! (link included) : LUSENET : MV Agusta F4 : One Thread

Here's the link:

Looks pretty nice but needs traffic. BTW, I'm using the username of ABG (my initials). :)

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, Arizona) (, January 29, 2003


Checked it out and it looks great. got registered and ready to go. hopefully we can get some more traffic on there

-- Robbie (, January 29, 2003.

Thank god! I'm a new member too. Come on over everybody. This is what we've been waiting for!!!!!!!

-- Peter trocco (, January 29, 2003.

I don`t think theres enough of us for too many forum`s,have`nt you tried the yahoo one,seems vgood to me (watch out for the Toddster though he he)

-- mike tilston (, January 30, 2003.

to be honest I'm not trying to take anything from anyone. I like greenspun and have gotten a lot of info from here, but the stability issue can be a pain at times. But the other thing and this goes with the Yahoo board also is that it really isn't organized so the info is easily accessible. You can't, say look up a search for brake issues, heating problems, etc..... So you get the same questions asked over and over and over. Then you get people complaining about that.

while only the forum is up now, I was putting it up as my own personal MV site like I did for the R7. It came with a board so I figured why not. If people use it, well that's great. If they don't, well that's great also. Its there if people want it. But for selfish reasons I just wanted something that was easier for me to use.

-- TP (, January 30, 2003.

I have used the yahoo one but found it highly unuseful. I ended up having to block everyone cause i would get up to 40 emails a day about nothing important. I feel greenspun and the new one have a better format and easier to locate what you might need help with or whatever.

-- Robbie (, January 30, 2003.

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