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This might not be the rite place to post a 'for sale' message for a road bike, but would appreciate if you can tell me if there is any buyer who is interested to buy my bike. Completely new bike. Had a slip disc on my spine and I cant ride for at least 6 months.

Campag Record Group Set (minus the seat pillar and hub), Campag Electron Wheel, CSK Alluminum Frame (Size 50, if I remember correctly), Delta Stem and Bar. Solid but extremely light. A free pair of Shimano shoe (if it fits you).

RM7800 (cost me about 9K)

Many thanks and regards, Kit

-- Kit (, January 29, 2003


I am interested... is it still for sale? How much? Email me rather than posting on here if you don't mind. Amy

-- Amy Borstad (, March 28, 2003.

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