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Does anyone have any particular information about the ACL heavy weight diner ALBANY? I suspect it was scrapped, but the only photo I have seen of this car was published in Lines South several years ago. It was unmodified at that time (late 1930s as I recall). Was it ever modified (like the VALDOSTA) and are there any records of its ultimate fate?

Thanks, Stephen Syfrett Albany, GA (the city for which the car was named)

-- Stephen Syfrett (, January 27, 2003


Stephen, the Albany last appeared on the revenue roster about 1960. I suspect it was scrapped although it's possible it was converted to a work car. In any event, I doubt it exists anywhere today. According to the ACL diagram books, the Albany was modernized (probably in the late 1940s) to the same appearance as the Fayetteville (see p. 124 of my ACL passenger service book), namely wide windows and skirts but still with a clerestory roof. I have never found any photos of the Albany other than the 1938 shot you mentioned, but imagine the diagram book is accurate and that it looked like the Fayetteville in the 1950s.

-- Larry Goolsby (, January 29, 2003.

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