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How do you deal with a parent who doesn't want your child to take lessons from you anymore and wants their child to take lessons from someone else?

-- Nichelle Bailey (, January 27, 2003


Sometimes you can ask why they are choosing to go somewhere else, and perhaps learn areas in which you can offer to accommodate them, or ways in which you can improve. However their reasons can be mystifying. It helps to consider why you have left other merchants or service providers; the reasons aren't always logical. And if they are worried about your price or your particular approach (detailed, having high expectations, relaxed, etc.) you will probably never find out why they are going.

Wish them well and advertise for a student who clicks with you. Good luck!

-- Anita Greenways (, January 30, 2003.

Well, I would say be honest to the parents and ask them if they are interested on continuing lessons with you. Dont ask for details, just a simple question. Be professional and understand that maybe is for the best.

-- Gabriela Fernandez (, April 28, 2003.

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