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If my wife has debts that are solely hers, are baliffs allowed to remove my property to satisfy the debt? Does jointly and severally liable apply to all debts? Please can anyone help,I have lots of letters appearing on the doorstep Thanks

-- columbus (, January 27, 2003



No is the simple answer. You are only eligible for debts you took out together. If they are her straightforward debts return the letters from whence they came with 'No Longer At This Address' if she has moved out.

-- Chris (, January 30, 2003.

Technically, no they cant, but it's incredibly difficult to prove who's property is who's and by then it's too late and the item sold. By law you do not have to let them in and they cant force themselves unless they've entered before. They can enter through an open window or door, so keep them all locked. Never sign anything from them and park the car around the corner. After a while the bailiffs will pass the debt back to the creditor and you can try and arrange payment schedules. Sue

-- Sue (, January 30, 2003.

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