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Last night (Saturday, 25 Jan 2003), someone drove down Little Quarry Rd and threw eggs on at least 10 cars, including mine. It made quite a mess, and due to the freezing temperatures, the egg yolks froze and became very hard to clean. I had to scrub and spray a cleaner on mine to get it off. Does anyone have any idea where this might have come from? I'm assuming it was teenagers, but of course I don't know. Has anything similar happened elsewhere in the Kentlands, or were we just unlucky? This is pretty petty vandalism, but it causes both inconvenience and distress for many car owners. I'm thinking especially of those who take their young kids out to the car (as I did) and have to explain to them why someone did this to us.

-- Steven Salzberg (, January 26, 2003


There seems to be an uptick of minor vandalism. In addition to the annoying and damaging egging you cite, it has consisted of events like an auto hood ornament being snapped off, some entry and nosing around garages, and one auto theft in the Hill District since the early part of last summer. To my knowledge, all the events have occurred late at night/early in the morning.

In my opinion, short of vigilante justice, the only thing that deters such stuff is the real (i.e., not remote) threat of being caught and prosecuted. A heightened, random, and visible police patrol schedule can do the trick, but I think we need to go on record with numbers of citizen requests for increased police presence before things will improve. Is it time to pick up the drumbeat?

-- David Fetzer (, February 10, 2003.

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