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I ordered my new tires, finally. After 2800 miles, they are getting a little worn. I'm going to try the D207RR this time. The 120/65 front is coming from the special parts people, and I'm getting a 180/55 just from a regular supplier I guess (my dealer ordered them). They should be here in a few weeks.

Anyone tried these yet? I guess I'm stuck with them now, no matter what though...


-- Andy Ruhl (, January 26, 2003


They came with my new bike and they seem excellent, however i do have one query, anyone out there, i am not sure about the pressure of the tires as on the windscreen of the bike it only gives the tire pressure of the PIRELLI (ant. 2.5Kg./cm2 36 psi, post. 2.3 kg./cm2 33 ) MICHELIN (ant. 2.2 kg./cm2 32 psi, post. 2.4kg./cm2 35 psi) . I cheched in my instruction book and it directs you to the wind screen of the bike.

-- Gianni Guaglianone (, February 01, 2003.

Dunlop 207RR

Had them for a while and have to say I prefer them to the Michelin's I had originally. Trouble is, unless you are able to compare both as new tyres, then whatever you put on, is likely to feel a lot better than the tired old ones you take off.

Anyway, my dealer recommended 33psi front and 36psi rear, and this feels good and gives plenty of grip.


-- Bob (, February 01, 2003.

Andy, I run 207RR's on my MV (and Ducati 916 before it) and find them excellent. Lots of grip and feel and reasonable life. They also work well in the wet. They seem to keep their handling characteristics longer than most. I swapped from Pirellis on both bikes(which I never felt comfortable with). The UK California Superbike guys (who fitted the last set for me) use them exclusively and have absolutely no problems with grip ....... I run them at 31-32psi front 34psi back (a bit less at the back on the track). They last well but go off after 2500km of reasonable fast road use (or about 3 days on the track). Ultimately though, it's a question of confidence: they all work better than we can use them so it's a question of what you feel comfortable with. I don't think there are any hard and fast rules for these bikes. Other MV riders I know swear by Pirellis and/ or Michelins.

-- Patrick Banfield (, April 09, 2003.

I run the 207rr's on my 02' are very sticky once warmed up....after about 15 ~ 20 minutes of light riding these tires are great but becareful when they are cold, I have had a few close calls going to work in the morning with the tires cold. If your doing alot of street riding I would say go with Michelins....a friend of mine had a set on his CBR and even in wet and cold riding they still grip.

-- Jon (, October 22, 2003.

Hey just had some m1 metzelers on mine, great tire but wore very fast on my beast (R1) Goin to trry the 207 rr. let ya no

-- great white pipe (, October 03, 2004.

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