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I got my brother on a healthy, high carb & protien diet for swimming. He strays away from everything unhealthy, but his coach tells him to drink a mountain dew before his race. That sounds ridiculous to both of us...whats the scoop?

-- Tom Gunnells (, January 25, 2003


I think you coach is try to give you a heart attack. Not ony is mountian dew loaded with sugar but also caffine. as much caffine as a cup of coffee. stick with bottled water and maybe a energy bar although I am consider dropping the engery bars becuase of their sugar content.

James Ney T.O,P,I.C Swimming

-- James Ney (, May 17, 2003.

listen, i agree that mountain dew shouldnt be drank before every race, but caffiene is a natural steriod. and the age of your brtoher, if he is around the 11-12 age bracket, then he should watch out for childhood diabetes. But, if he needs a quick energy rush and mountain dew doesnt cause you CP energy in your muscles to produce lactic acid, Then i guess it might be ridiculous but small amounts might not hurt him i guess.

-- Courtney Veatch (, August 03, 2003.


-- thom (, January 31, 2004.

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