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I am about to start production on my first feature film. I am interested in finding out what is the best super 16mm package to rent, including the lenses and sound. Also would like to know some places to rent from. I will be shooting in Ireland. Any suggestions would be appreciated

-- Mike Scullion (, January 25, 2003


If in Toronto before you go (I see you have a canadian email), try Joe Sutherlands (, Keene or Joe can hook you up.

Also try ps production services ( if you're not in the toronto area, or William F. White ( Let me know if you need a Director / Assistant Director for your feature. I have just produced / directed my first short, but have an extensive background directing theatre, and I've 1st AD'd features and shorts in the Toronto area.

As far as lenses, I don't know your subject matter, but I would try to get a range from 6-125 mm lenses, maybe a 25, 50, 80, etc... or a zoom lens that doesn't breathe (doesn't pull the image wider when you pull focus). I would get an ARRI SR3 if you need to run the camera at different speeds. Otherwise, you can rent an SR2 for cheaper if you only want to run at 24 frames per second. Try and get a colour tap for it (so you can see the image in colour on the monitor.)

Make sure that if you're shooting in ireland that you get whatever adaptors you need to change the currency over so you can charge batteries, and get a bunch of battery belts, to run your camera and monitor.

Thanks... and good luck.


-- Rick Rose (, February 10, 2003.

I just shot a 16mm film on an SR2 in the UK and that had a variable speed control unit which came with it as an accessory. I shot at 25 fps.

-- Liz Smith (, February 21, 2003.

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