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is there any feminine/masculine gender for raga????

-- harini kannan (fr_ie_nds@yahoo.co.in), January 24, 2003


Ragas in Indian classical music are divided into the male ragas (Raga), female ragas (Ragini) and neutral ragas (Puta Raga), which are a fusion of the two.

Male ragas typify courage, valour, anger and wonder among other such 'masculine' emotions. Male melodies are divided into six forms for the six seasons:

Bhairavi in Summer season Megha in Rainy season Pancham in Autumn season Naranarayan in early Winter season Sri in Winter season Basant in Spring season Female raginis signify love, sorrow, emotions, laughter and compassion.

Neuter or Puta ragas signify emotions like love, passion, fear, peace and disgust.

The ragas and raginis have been further classified as 'janaka' and 'janya' ragas. The former are the saptaka ragas numbering 72 in all. The janya ragas are the ones which have originated from these.

-- Rajeswari (rajiramesh@indiatimes.com), December 31, 2003.

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