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i would really like if someone knew a site for Lord Of the Rings FREE sheet music that i could print off to please send me the URL, i love lord of the rings and would give anything to play it with my saxaphone...its alto by the way, thanks to whoever answers this, i love you! =P -Brea

-- Brea M (, January 21, 2003


Free "LOTR" sheet music for the piano! Please!

Hello! I can play the piano as just a thing that I like to do on my own. I'm pretty good at figuring out music just by singing it to myself and trying to find the right keys. I love the "Lord of the Rings" music and I would love to be able to play it on the piano!!! It would be very much appreciative if the sheet music was FREE just as the other person requested it. It costs a lot to buy the actual sheet music and I don't have much money right now. So if anyone, can get me free sheet music to LOTR on the piano, I would love you so much! I will keep looking myself but please reply to me if anything is found! Thanks :-)

-- Breanna (, August 30, 2003.

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