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About to edit my first short, shot on 16x9 in DVCAM - Sony DSR500 (small DVCAM tapes). I noticed that I can playback DVCAM tapes on a mini-dv camera. I have a mini-dv cam handy, rented the DSR500 for shoot only

Can I use the mini-dv camera to firewire the footage to the Mac? Will there be any loss of quality? or should I find a dvcam camera?

-- Rick Rose (, January 21, 2003


i use the minidv cam firewire to the mac and the quality is good... the only time the quality will not be good is if there is not enough memory on the mac... i have had problems with that cuz i have so many projects going at once. if there is not enough memory then it will seem to skip... good luck and if you have any question email me... i have done extensive work with macs.

-- heady (, January 22, 2003.

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