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I am throwing a Breakdance party in Durham, North Carolina on February 15, 2003 at Ringside. It is for 18+ and is only $5/7 (1/2 off that before 11).

I am looking for suggestions on where to promote this party and ideas on how to make this party a success.

There will be 3 DJs spinning Old Skool Rap, Classic Breaks, Hip Hop, and beat boxing. I will also showcase a grafitti artist's work.

What/How is the best way to get the message out to breakers and Capoeira dancers that we want them to come out and enjoy themselves? This party is for dancers and those that love to watch it!!

Thanks for any helpful information you can give me. Musical Regards, Stephanie

-- Anonymous, January 20, 2003


If you throw any other BreakN jams put me on your invite list. I'm always lookN for a place to rock.


-- Anonymous, March 01, 2003

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-- Anonymous, May 20, 2004

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-- Anonymous, August 19, 2004

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