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Upon serving a SARN on the Halifax in April I finally received the information i really wanted in September.

Here it is. The solicitors comments from the hearing I couldn't attend due to a family bereavement.


8th November 2001

... attended Court on above matter before District Judge.... There was no attendance by defendants.

ON entering chambers .. informed Judge of current state of mortgage account and requested an Order for Possession.

The District Judge was reluctant to give this Order because an offer had been made on the sale of the property. ... stated that she felt the offer given for the property was in no way near the amount that was owing. The District Judge agreed with this. ... stated further that the Defendant (ex partner) has been uncooperative so far in relation to the sale of the property and it was only from what the second defendant has stated in a letter regarding the sale.

.... stated that as the property was empty and even though an offer has been made this was not a guarantee of the sale proceeding immediately and the longer the property was left to fall into disrepair the harder it would be to sell.

The District Judge therefore proceeded to make the Order.


Get this they accept the offer from the original buyer in December 2001 at 19,000 then in February the buyer reduces his offer to 17,000 due to a retention on the mortgage the Halifax do. Mortgage from halifax. As the total cost of repairs is 4,220. So they accept his reduced offer of 17,000.

Does anyone smell a rat. They shouldn't have pursued the Judge to allow the repossession. Can I sue them or clain against them? Any opinions on this.

-- KC (karencarr2000@yahoo.co.uk), January 20, 2003

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