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I have a brass switch padlock (minus key) that is stamped "ETV&G R R" and later stamped "SOU RY". I have two questions: Can I get a key to fit this lock and, secondly, what is it worth ?

-- Everett Brock (, January 19, 2003


I don't know that you would be able to get a key that works with that particular lock, as it's more that 100 years old. One would have to identify the manufacturer of the lock in order to do that. The East Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia Railroad was formed in 1869 in a merger of the East Tennessee and Virginia Railroad and the East Tennessee and Georgia Railroad, which connected in Knoxville, Tennessee. They operated as the East Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia Railroad until 1894 when they were merged into the new Southern Railway, made up primarily by the ETV&G and their parent company, the Richmond and Danville Railroad. That stated, it is certainly worth more than a Southern Railway switch lock. As for value, I really cannot answer that here but perhaps someone else can.

-- Alan Walker (, January 20, 2003.

email Charlie Miller at He might have an ETV&G key for sale. Tell him I sent you there. (Craig Myers) He would kow value of lock also.

-- Craig Myers (, January 23, 2003.

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