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Hey all,

I am looking to build a model (in 3d Cad) of the Depots along the A line in Central Florida - I am currently working to complete Winter Park and TUS - but i need drawings if possible of Sanford,Orlando,Kissimmee,Lakeland,Winter Haven,Plant City(Working on this)

Any assistance would be appreciated -


Jason Webb

-- Jason Webb (, January 19, 2003


Ohhh those orlando drawings were awesome :O) thanks for the tip


-- Jason Webb (, March 06, 2003.

Thanks I will do that - If anyone wants to contact me - just e-mail me

-- Jason Webb (, March 06, 2003.


I am very interested in your project because before this life is over I intend to model the ACL between Orlando and Sanford. I live in the area and at one time I took some measurements of the Sanford station which should still be buried somewhere in my computer as Auto Cad Light files. I will look for them when my job gives me some free time around April. I can, however, help you with Orlando right away.

Do an Internet search for “American Historic Building Survey”. You are looking for “ blah blah”. Search this page for Orlando Train Station and you will find six plates of drawings done in 1974. I am using them to construct an HO scale model.

Any information you have that you think I may be interested in please don’t hesitate to send. I should have Auto Cad 2000 on my computer at work sometime in the spring. If you should send me anything, please make the subject something bold because I only receive junk mail at this address and I usually delete thing without looking too hard.


-- Rob Jones (, February 07, 2003.

Buddy Hill, here with the ACL/SAL is the best source you will probably find. While not all, this Society has an excellent source of station plans since the railroad not the towns and cities themselves, was the bilder of the depots. The only reason a town or city would have plans would be if they had purchased the building upon closure from the railroad.

-- Raymond Smith (, February 02, 2003.

Hey, you might want to call the different city's building office and ask them if you could get plans. Thats my best idea unless some of them are on the National Historic list and they may have drawings. Hope it helped, Jason

-- Jason Castine (, February 01, 2003.

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