Will buy damaged parts...

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We are looking for damaged parts for MV Agusta F4. As long as the parts are not broken we will consider anything. Looking to set up a race bike, so we are looking for dinged tanks, airboxes, tailsections, headlight fairings, etc...

-- Mototrends (sales@mototrends.com), January 19, 2003


Just a thought, you may want to send a fax to MV dealerships that, should they run into any damaged parts or parts from a MV that has been declared totalled, you'd be interested in buying it from them.

My understanding is that when a MV is crashed, the insurance company will contact dealers to determine the value of the bike and decide if it should be totaled.

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, Arizona) (agibbs996@aol.com), January 19, 2003.

Race where?

I have been thinking for a while of making an MV only race page to track the progress of various people that race MVs. There aren't too many as far as I can tell.

I raced mine in a 750cc superbike race sort of as a joke... I came in last. But I got 2nd in my next race on my R1 so it's no biggie... If parts were easier to come by I would consider racing it. It would make a great race bike.

-- Andy Ruhl (quadreverb@yahoo.com), January 19, 2003.

i have a stock corsa air box and ducts for sale. please get back to me if you are interested. thank you sr

-- sean rosner (gsxrsr@aol.com), February 09, 2003.

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