What is different transcultural nursing,cross cultural nursing and international nursing

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I am Turkish nurse.I am working Turkiye Transcultural nursing,international nursing,and cross- cultural nursing are not one and the same .What is differet.

-- Hulya Basdogan (hbasdogan@yahoo.com), January 18, 2003


I am from Iran originaly but I am living here and I studied nursing here. Now I am doctoral student i nursing science i Gothenborg/Sweden. I havenīt heard about international nursing until today but I think that tanscultural nursing is the same as cross- cultural nursing. The differece is that transcultural nursing uses mostely in american litrature but Austrailian or Canadian use the term cross-cultural nursing.

-- azar hedemalm (azar.hedemalm@telia.com), January 21, 2003.


transcultural nursing means, the interactive relationship between the cultures. It means, that people with different cultural background are not separated in "cultural" groups, but to find out where are the common needs, what's their experiences.

I am a german nurse, working in Switzerland in a gynaecological/obstetrical outpatient ward with a lot of clients all over the world. I've passed a post-diploma study in transcultural competence in health care last August.

I am sorry if my answer is short, but as soon as I can have a look in my book I can exactely explain you the difference in transcultural and intercultural nursing.

-- Ute Maus (u.maus@glattnet.ch), January 23, 2003.

While transcultural and crosscultural are used interchangeably in current literature, Leininger establishes the difference between transcultural and intercultural nursing. Where transcultural refers to the nursing professionals trained and committed in acquiring a knowledge base and a practical method of action in transcultural nursing. The transcultural nurse is committed to the development of theories or practices based on research within the field of transcultural nursing and utilizes a practical and theoretical base compared among several cultures. The intercultural nurse uses anthropological, medical or applied concepts in transcultural nursing, while not involved in development of theories or practical concepts based on research in transcultural nursing. The intercultural nurse works with only two cultures.

-- victor m. fernandez (postmaster@culturediversity.org), October 17, 2004.

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