Did I get CONNED!!

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I have finally bought my dream bike. but now i am worried that i got conned by the bike shop. i didn't manage to find the altus a10 but i got something pretty good. my bike is a specialize s-works. actually i didn't get the whole bike but had it customly fitted for its equipments. all in all it came up to about RM1200. my brother too got a bike from him at the same time and his bike frame is a scott usa but i am not sure of the model. than i noticed that this two frames actually have the same dimensions on the rear sections, but the top tube and the front portion is vastly different. as i am new to bikes, is that possible? for 2 manufacturer to have almost the same designs?

-- Alexander C. Tseung (alex_chin_41@hotmail.com), January 18, 2003


Dude, an S-Works for RM1,200, complete, is either very fishy or the bargain of the century. I'm guessing that you may not have bought a real S-Works (frame alone should cost more than RM1,200), but even so, you may have gotten what you'd paid for. Relax and ride.


-- Joe Adnan (joeadnan@yahoo.com), January 19, 2003.

Damn!! that means i got conned!! i knew there was something bout it that was not right! even so, is the bike hash worthy? according to this website, it is the entry bike for hashing. i am really looking forward to joining my first KLMBH hash. hope its good enough. if i do join, hope i wouldn't be the laughing stock for riding a fake s- works! hahaha.

-- Alexander C. Tseung (alex_chin_41@hotmail.com), January 20, 2003.


Do you have a pic of yer bike...I'm very curious. Even a fakie can't be that cheap. Does it have 2 wheels? Cheers!

-- matt (mmarzuki@hotmail.com), January 23, 2003.

yes it does...haha...i forgot to mention that my specialized is a hardtail. specialized s-works m4 hardtail to be exact. not sure if this model exist. but it does have wheels, a complete bike actually. i will try to put it here as soon as i can, maybe we can all admire at my petaling street type specialized...hahaha.

-- Alex C. Tseung (alex_chin_41@hotmail.com), January 23, 2003.

Alex, dont mind me asking but where did you buy your specialized from? Or to be safe, where is the location of this shop? I'm planning to get a bike to take part in the upcoming adventure races and dont plan to end up w a broken frame while negotiating tricky trails! (believe me it's happened before!)tq..

-- JudoGurl (judogurl2148@yahoo.com), February 11, 2003.

I see a lot of imitation S-work M4 selling for around 300.....beware.

-- misha (skareb@lycos.com), March 05, 2003.

Last year October,I bought a hard tail Specialized S-works M4 frame 02 model for RM1200 from KSH TTDI, PJ.The rear end has disc brake mount only ( no mounting boss for V brakes). I bought the Avid mechanical disc brake, Tank disc hub, Mavic X618 wheel, DT spokes all for RM450. Total RM1650 including installation. The bike went through various types of trails (almost every Sunday), uphill, down hill, crossing streams, city rides, estate rides,had a few crashes, yet it is still in one piece.It has clocked about 800km medium to rough ride.It's worth the money. It is difficult especially for beginners to know whether the frame you are buying is genuine if the bike shop sells you a fake frame, lie to you it's genuine one and charges you the price of genuine one.This is tantamount to cheating.Therefore buy from reputable bike shops such as KSH or Bike Pro or other bike shops you can trust. Ask bikers around or post your questions in this website for help.However it is not the case of cheating if the bike shop tells you it is a fake frame with "fake" price (very very much cheaper). In your case, you getting conned is not an issue at all because you were not conned judging from the "fake" price RM1200 you paid for a complete bike built around fake Specialized S-works frame. For your info, last week I spotted a fake Specialized S-works M4 '03 model,small frame, aerodynamic down tube, built in sealed headset bearing included. It looks very attractive, excellent paint job, craftmanship. Price RM380 negotiable. Bike shop location, sorry I can't tell you guys coz some of you may snap up before me. I'm buying it for my 14 year old daughter just for leisure rides in parks. Fake frame for a fake price, it's okay for me!

-- Lam Wee Ping (wipin9@hotmail.com), March 10, 2003.

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