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Hi all, I've heard a rumor that on some F4s the header runs so close to the right side lower fairing that the fairing can discolor and even melt. Mine hasn't shown this so far but has only 600 miles on it. Has anyone seen this happen or know if it is a real concern? If so, any cures or, better yet, preventions?

-- DaveB (gdbdj@frontiernet.net), January 17, 2003


Mr. Poole from around here knows something about a bracket that someone made to hold the fairing away from the header pipes slightly. I think that the melting problem has been largely solved though. I wanted to keep heat out of the engine bay so I wrapped my headers with thermal wrap. There are ups and downs to using this stuff, but I like it so far.


Notice that on the right side I could go down all the way to the "crotch" between those 2 pipes, but on the left side I had to stop early because of the oil filter. You CAN'T get oil on this stuff or it will start a fire. I need to make a removeable piece for that area. I already wrapped the area below this, but I don't have pictures.

-- Andy Ruhl (quadreverb@yahoo.com), January 18, 2003.

If you look down the previous month or so of questions there are a few threads on this matter. Yes it is a problem. I had my lower fairing replaced by the dealer and they did some work to prevent it happening again. Mine wasn't noticed until 7,500 miles and then fixed it at 15,000 miles. So at only 600 miles I doubt you would notice anything.

-- Matt Thompson (matthewt@nitor.co.nz), January 19, 2003.

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